Vinyl Sticker and its application to car signage

vinyl sticker printing

Car signage is often used to promote a company’s branding and service and there are various of ways to do this. Digital Printing Company in Brisbane will show you that how each way work and their pricing. Often the entry level signage is to print a small magnet that can be applied by the user and if not needed easy to peal off. So when the vehicle is used as a private car one can take away the signage and if the vehicle is used for commercial commute then the magnet signage can be applied.

Another common approach is to use vinyl sticker, these stickers can be applied on to the commercial vehicle or give/sell as a merchandise for the company. Many car performance brands gives out these stickers. If the application surface is small, often the vinyl is decal (letter being cut out) latter on applied on to the vehicle surface with an application tape.

There are 3 levels of car signage Brisbane using vinyl sticker,

  1. Entry level, using a mono colour vinyl substrate, cut out the words using a plotter, and applied onto a vehicle. Usually only the company name and service, contact detail will be used. The benefit is it will be cheap, and the down side is it is not visually attractive, and hard to deliver a brand message.
  2. Digital Printed Vinyl Half Wrap + Vinyl Decal: Logo and branded message can be digitally printed only a while vinyl, and letter cut to size. When it comes to contact details, still use mono colour vinyl to save cost.
  3. Digital Printing Full car wrap: The most expensive and also the most effect car signage option is to fully wrap the car with digital printed vinyl. Often when full wrapping the car, there will be enough space to place a few visually stunning photo or illustrations. When the car is fully wrap with a talent graphic designer’s design, exposure of your brand will be sky rocking. Just remember to drive your car around time all the time so people can see your amazing car sign. With this method, the brand message, brand colour, service details and contact details will all be included and use a best way to communicate with target audience.

Vinyl material is also an important factor, vinyl are categorized into 3 groups, cast, polymeric and monomeric. Car signs always considered a long term usage so Cast Vinyl will be your first option. It is more expensive, but can be used for a lot longer time. Cast Vinyl are also known for its stretchable characteristics, which makes it easier to apply compared to other methods. Some printery might refuse to use materials other then Cast vinyl to work on your vehicle. Therefore remember to us cast vinyl and go to a trusted printer and production company like and inquire for more details.